Here’s How You Can Steal The Natural Recipe For The…


To permanently cure your premature ejaculation in 21 days or less.

Even if you’ve been nicknamed the 2-minutes man, even if you always ejaculate before you get into the vagina


If you’re tired of feeling like failure whenever you try to have sex,

And you want to become like the men in the image above…

I can help you.

And that’s true 

  • Even if you’ve already lost your respect in the bedroom

  • Even if you’ve never lasted long in bed

  • Even if you’ve already lost hope in yourself.

Or even if no lady wants to sleep with you anymore because according to them…E no go pass 2 minutes”

None of that matters.

Forget what happened in the past…

What matters right now is your desire to come out of this embarrassing situation

And if you can 100% commit to using the natural recipes laid out in the Makanaka Sex Diet

It won’t be long until you start seeing results and you realize that your sexual life has completely taken a new turn.

A sexual life you can be proud of.

And you may be wondering…

Who Am I to Make Such Claims?

My name is Oluwole Femi

I’m a proud husband and father of three children.

A few years into my marriage, my sexual performance started to go down.

At first, I thought it was due to Lagos stress and work.

But I was wrong.


I went from cuming just two minutes into sex to cuming during romance.

It was a shameful experience for me.

And because of this, my wife and I barely have sex. 

I was dying inside of me and I knew I had to do something but I was too ashamed to ask for help.

Not until my wife looked at me with teary eyes after another poor moment of sex and said;

“Are you tempting me to cheat on you?”


Those words sent shivers down my spine.

Even though I was angry, I could see the honesty of pain in her eyes.

And right there on spot, I made a vow to her I was going to find a cure to my problem

Then My Quest Began…


The following morning, I started to research various cures for premature ejaculation.

I read every article I could lay my hands on.

I saw various types of solutions suggested but none of them were able to give me what I want. 


I tried herbs. Some worked while many didn’t.

But knowing fully well that if I keep on using herbs repeatedly for  long, my kidneys may start developing problems.

So I stopped herbs and started using drugs like tramadol, viagra and the likes.

Again this worked temporarily but viagra made sure it gave me pounding headache

And when I read that its continued usage can cause me visual loss, I had to stop it.

What of delay oils and spray?

They worked also but the sexual sensitivity was reduced.

I wasn’t getting enough sensual feeling

Plus my wife complained of painful sex whenever I used it so I had to stop it.

It was a very frustrating experience.


Sex was no longer fun for me.

I started avoiding it because I always fear I won’t last long.

Not being able to satisfy my wife without depending on one thing or the other made me depressed.

My body was already a dumping site for all manners of drugs & herbs…and this made me feel incomplete as a man .

At a point, I concluded there was no way out for me.

Not until I found this all-natural solution I am about to give you…

One fateful evening,

I was in a boutique buying myself a shirt

And I stumbled on my old friend Yomi.

We were shocked and so happy to see each other because we lost contact since we left the university.

It was a joyful evening and the beginning of my breakthrough for me


Due to how close we were, I couldn’t hide my problems so I told him all I was facing

And you see, Yomi didn’t disappoint me.

Back then in the university, Yomi was the talk of the town and guys were jealous of him because he had a lot of girls dying for him.

In fact, there were rumors of girls paying Yomi money just to have sex with him.

Yomi was that good in bed.

So he started by letting me know that the reason why we men achieve orgasm before women do is because we’re biologically designed to climax before them.

So if you always cum before your woman does,

It’s 100% Not Your Fault


But when a man doesn’t have control over his ejaculation, that’s when the problem starts.

And the first step to coming out of this problem is to determine the primary source of this problem.

That’s why all the methods I’ve been trying couldn’t give a lasting solution.

So he proceeded to lecture me on something he called “The 4 cardinals of premature ejaculation”

And right on spot, I was able to determine the root cause of my problem.

Then came the solution


Yomi confessed to me that what makes him last long in bed are the kind of things he eats.

He said nature has blessed us with certain kinds of fruits and vegetables that contains aphrodisiac properties which are able to make us sex machines.

The only issue however is that many men don’t know of these fruits nor do they know how to properly combine them.

For example, a particular ingredient that maskes up the makanaka sex diet is what Yomi refers to as the serotonin balancer.

And according to research, serotonin is the master chemical in your brain that controls how long you last before you finally climax.

So he wrote me a list of ingredients that make up the Makanaka sex diet…

…and the instructions on how to prepare them.

Then I went to the market, get the ingredients, and started drinking the mixture as I was told to. 

After the second week, Yomi urged me to make love to my wife.

That’s how everything changed for me


Not only did I wowed my wife in bed that night,

My wife said something strange.

When I started thrusting my wife, I saw the look of surprise on her face when she noticed I was already lasting longer than usual.

8 minutes gone, I was still digging and she was still moaning.

The more I digged, the louder she moaned.


15 minutes passed, and we changed position

I was still thrusting, very energetic and yet to cum.

I was feeling really good as I saw my wife bite her lips and dragged my body towards her.

The pleasure was showing all over her face.

Then all of a sudden

My wife squirted!


She squirted so hard that she looked at me in the eye and said what sounded strange to me:

“Thank You”

It felt like I was dreaming…

My wife squirting and telling me “Thank you” after sex?

It has never happened in the history of my marriage.

Immediately, I knew I had won back my respect.

Not only did I permanently cure my premature ejaculation, 

I was able to go round after round and bring out the best in my wife when it comes to sex.


And it is this same diet people like Caleb used and came back to say…

Including Mr Babajide who also said…  

Now, everything was going on fine until…

I got a divorce message from a friend of mine

And when I researched why women cheat on their husbands…

I realized poor sexual performance from the man is the leading cause of this 

Immediately I saw that, I knew I had to do something about this.

So I told Yomi of my findings and after some months, we came up with a solution called…

Shortly, I’ll tell you how you can lay your hands on this guide.

But before then…

Let me explain how this works to you:

The makanaka sex diet is a specific kind of fruit mixture that works by acting on certain hormones that are in charge of ejaculation in your body.

When these hormones are out of balance, your performance becomes weak.

What the makanka sex diet does is help you balance them.

The makanka sex diet does three things for you:

⇒ Helps you permanently cure premature ejaculation to increase your lasting time and power.

⇒ Gives you a stronger, thicker, and HARD ROCK erection.

⇒ Improves your libido thereby increasing your drive for sex

You see… 

The amazing thing about this diet is that you can easily get the ingredients for the diet around you.

And once you know how to prepare them in the right proportion (which you’ll discover in this book)

And you start taking them for just a few days…

The instant results will marvel you…

With each thrust… 

She moans louder, urges you on, and pleads for more… 

Pulling you closer, curling her toes, wrapping her legs around your waist…

Raising her waist to meet you halfway…calling your name ever so sweetly…

“Please don’t stop, f*ck me, I am all yours,” she says…

She grabs your ass, you keep thrusting, it has never felt this good, and suddenly…

…You realize you’re lasting longer than usual in the first round

10 minutes…. 15 minutes…

You’re still thrusting…she’s still moaning and you don’t feel like releasing yet…

Each thrust is harder and more pleasurable than the last…

You’ve never felt more in control.

You’ve got your pride back.

Now, at last, you can confidently have sex without having to depend on anything.

If you have been following me all through, 

The question probably on your mind now will be…

How Much Does It Cost To Lay Your Hands On This Guide?


Good question.

And I’ll give you the answer in just a minute

But first…

I want to give you everything you’ll need to take charge of your sexual life

And on that basis…

Here are a few bonuses I thought will be beneficial to you:


In this powerful sexual guide, you’ll discover deep-rooted tricks like

⇒ How to use “orgasm awakening” words to make her cum before you do

⇒ How to locate and stimulate a lady’s G-spot to give her a trance-inducing orgasm

⇒ How to make a woman deeply wet by the mere touch of your hands

⇒ The three parts of her body you can touch to create electrifying stimulations

⇒ And many other sexual tricks only a few privileged men know


In this game changing bonus, you’ll discover several strategy that will help you improve your sex game like…

⇒ How to make a woman anticipate sex with you (Use this simple psychological trick on any woman and she won’t rest until she finds herself on the bed with you) 

⇒ 12 sexual positions for soul-penetrating sex (Just put her in one of these positions and she will confess your penis is the best she has ever tasted)

⇒ How to use the words of your mouth and the rod between your legs to give a woman mind-blowing sex (If you play this game right, ladies will crawl over glass to spend the night with you)

⇒ Etc… 

So How Much Do You Think All Of This Is Worth?


If we’re to set a fair price for this, 

It shouldn’t be anything less than CFA 15,000 (or 330 GHS if you’re in ghana) 

And it’d still be an amazing bargain 

After all, you might have spent more than that on drugs that couldn’t solve your problem. 

But today, I’ll allow you pay CFA 10,000 only. ( that’s 220 GHS)

Mind you, the price of this amazing guide won’t remain the same forever… 

You may come back here tomorrow and find that the price have increased.

And once this happens, you won’t be able to access the bonuses above.

So you really want to get it at a very affordable price or risk paying double if you don’t get it right now.

And before you proceed to pay,

I want you to understand that…


Here’s my Guarantee to you….

Take one full month.

Use all the diet I have outlined in the Makanaka sex diet

If after 1 month you decide that the diet brought no changes to your sexual life…. 

Just ask for a full refund (by sending me a message on Whatsapp)

I’ll immediately send you your money back.

No questions asked.

No hard feelings

I’ll respect your decision.

And no matter what you decide…. 

You still get to keep this guide with you forever.

So What Is It Going To Be?


Are you going to exit out of this page without remembering all you saw here?

And if that’s what you want, kindly close this page and forget you ever read anything here.

Forget you were offered something that will cure your premature ejaculation

Which means you’re satisfied with being less than a man.

You’re okay with the fear and anxiety that overwhelms you anytime you want to have sex.

But don’t forget one thing…

A lady cannot endure for long.

After sometimes she will look elsewhere to satisfy her desires (that’s even if she has not started cheating sef)


You’re going to get the makanaka sex diet.

Use the recipes like you’re told to and cure this embarrassing problem

To the point where you’re able to have sex like a REAL man again.

That is

  • You’ll be able to satisfy your woman the way she wants.
  • You’re going to own her mind, body and soul.
  • So she’ll be able to brag about you amidst her friends and beg you for more whenever you have sex.
  • And you’ll be able to win her respect in the bedroom.

Sounds Like What You Want Yeah?


Here’s what you should do NEXT…

Click on the big button below.

And immediately you will be redirected to a page that shows you the payment options available.

Select the payment option that suits you best and just follow the instructions you see.

I’ll be waiting for you on the other side.

Yours sincerely,

Oluwole Femi


Is the makanaka sex diet a drug?

No. It’s a guide that contains a variety of aphrodisiac fruits and vegetables that can help you cure this problem permanently.

What does the makanaka sex diet do?

The makanka sex diet does three things for you:

⇒ Helps you permanently cure premature ejaculation to increase your lasting time and power.

⇒ Gives you a stronger and thicker erection.

⇒ Improves your libido thereby increasing your drive for sex

How does the makanaka sex diet works?

It works by acting on certain biological hormones that are in charge of ejaculation in your body.

When these hormones are out of balance, your performance becomes weak. What the makanka sex diet does is help you balance them.

Can I get all the ingredients for preparing these diets around me?

Yes, you can. Just visit any market close to you. The ingredients are not difficult to find at all.

Does the makanaka sex diet give a permanent cure?

Yes, it does. That’s the purpose of creating this guide in the first place.

How long will it take to see a permanent change?

Since we all have different bodies due to our lifestyles, some see results faster while it takes a while for some people to see a permanent change.

However, most men report being permanently cured between the first 14 -21 days.