How A Certain Pastor, Who Has Never Lasted Up to 7 Minutes During Sex Now Lasts Up To 25 minutes+ Per Round

True Life Story.

Come with Me….

On the 26th of January…

I met a man who partook in the presentation I had in one of my whatsapp groups.

We both spoke on phone after the class and he relayed his problems to me.

Ever since he got married, He has not for once satisfied his woman on bed.

But after our discussion, I realized the makanaka sex diet is all he needs so I gave him my account and he paid.

Of which I sent him the solution, and the bonuses I promised.

On the 15th of February, 

He reached out to me to inform me of the changes he’s experiencing 😄

But I guess he’s a very busy person so he wasn’t really able to give me a call on phone like he promised.


On the 14th of April,

He reached out to me with this message 😊🔥

Do you see what he said?

“I have never lasted 7 minutes in history, but now, I do 25 minutes and even more”🔥

See what he said for yourself!

It took him just 15 days.

And today, he’s advising everyone who cares to listen to try out the makanaka sex diet 😂

And lastly listen to what he said 🔥

He got his confidence back!

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