Frequently Asked Questions On The Makanaka Diet

On this page, I provide answers to some of the common questions many people who have gotten the makanaka diet asked me.

You too might have the same questions, this page will provide answers to every of them.

Question 1: Is the makanaka diet a drug, an herb, or a supplement?

Answer: NO. The makanaka diet is not any of those. It’s unlike anything you might have tried in the past.

Basically, all I’m doing is this:

I’m offering you a secret information…. 

That shows you how to prepare a specific kind of fruit and vegetable mixture that has proven to be 100% effective against weak erection and early ejaculation.

Here’s how the mixture looks after preparation: 

Question 2: How does it work?   

Answer: It works by acting on certain biological hormones that are in charge of ejaculation in the body.

When these hormones are out of balance, poor performance occurs. What the makanka diet does is help balance them.

Question 3: Can you prepare it for me?

Answer: I would have love to. But the shelf life of this diet is just around 3 days. And you have to use it for three weeks. 

That’s why it’s not a ready made product. If you have just 15 minutes to spare every 3 days, you’ll be able to use this diet.

Question 4: Are the these fruits easy to find?

Answer: 100% yes. That’s why we have clients even in countries as far as Tunisia.

Question 5: Are the fruits expensive?

Answer: No. They’re very cheap. That’s what even surprises our customers the most. Everything you need are very easy to afford.

Question 6: Can it increase my john thomas? 

Answer: NO.

The makanka diet does three things:

⇒ Helps to permanently cure premature ejaculation so as to increase lasting time and power.

⇒ Gives stronger, thicker, and HARD ROCK erections.

⇒ Improves libido thereby increasing sex drive.

Question 7: Does the makanaka diet give a permanent cure?

Answer: Yes, it does. That’s the purpose of creating it in the first place.

Question 8: How long will it take to see a permanent change?

Answer: Since we all have different bodies due to our lifestyles, some see results faster while it takes a while for some people to see a permanent change.

However, most men report being permanently cured between the first 14 -21 days.

Have I been able to answer your questions?

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