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This book is called the "Makanaka Sex Diet" .. and it took me over 5,800 man-hours and hundreds of thousands of naira to research and complete. 

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  • The "Pre-Coital Secret" (only recently made public by a famous female sex therapist) that breaks the code on giving any woman an explosive orgasm... every time you make love! Page 114.
  • The "pleasure trigger" secret accidentally discovered by medical doctors that sets up more intense and more frequent orgasms for you! (It also curbs premature ejaculation! Pages ___.)
  • The 10 critical "Love Insurance" answers you must get from a woman to guarantee you have GREAT (not just good) sex! (Page ___.)
  • The sex act women consistently rate as…


  • ...but which is often physically impossible for most men... unless you know this one simple trick! It's a relationship-saver for most couples, and one of the first pieces of wisdom our fathers should have told us (if it hadn't been a mystery to them, too) about making a woman happy beyond measure! See page ___.
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  • Amazing trick that instantly eliminates "performance anxiety" in men! (Used for centuries by the most daring and successful lovers in the world... see page ___.)
  • A step-by-step "fingertip" guide to the 16 most sizzling "hot spots" on her body (pages ____ - ____)... Including At Least FOUR

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  • Immediately increase the frequency and pleasure of your sex life with the ingenious "Bic Cure" created by sex therapists! (Especially critical for busy parents!) Page ___
  • Women's biggest complaint about oral sex — it's what you're not doing that makes her feel less than enthusiastic. (And it's easy to fix — see page ___.)
  • How to make your erection last longer - - one of the most jealously guarded discoveries of heavily financed sex researchers... which also can lead to male multiple orgasms! (Page ___.)

You can see why this new book is causing such a sensation among men (of all ages) everywhere! The secrets about to be revealed to you can cause dramatic and wonderful changes in your life on every level. And not just in the way you think, perform and feel about sex — even more importantly, you now have an amazing opportunity to enjoy what other men can only dream about... namely...

A Guaranteed Way To Experience Deeper and More Intense Feelings Of Intimacy... Trust... And Pure Pleasure With Your Partner!

But first let me tell you how I stumbled on these secrets.

My name is Oluwole Femi and I live in Lagos, Nigeria. You can reach me on WhatsApp (only), on this number 09064429764 anytime you want.

I’m a proud husband and father of three children.

But you see, a few years into my marriage, my sexual performance started to go down.

At first, I thought it was due to Lagos stress and work.

But I was wrong.

It got worse.

I went from cuming just two minutes into sex to cuming during romance.

It was a shameful experience for me, and I could barely look my wife in the eye.

This situation persisted until after some point, my wife and I were barely having sex. 

I was dying inside of me, And I knew I had to do something, but I was too ashamed to ask for help.

One day after another poor episode of sex, my wife looked at me with teary eyes and said;

Are You Tempting Me to Cheat on You?

Those words sent shivers down my spine.

Even though I was angry, I could see the honesty and pain in her eyes.

And right there on spot, I made a vow to her I was going to find a cure to my problem.

So My Quest Began…

The following morning, I started to research various cures for premature ejaculation.

I read every article I could lay my hands on.

I saw various types of solutions suggested but none of them were able to give me what I want. 


I tried herbs. Some worked a bit, while many didn’t.

And knowing fully well that if I kept on using herbs repeatedly for long, my kidneys may start developing problems, I stopped using them and started using drugs like tramadol, Viagra and the likes.

Again, this worked temporarily but Viagra made sure it gave me pounding headache.

And when I read that its continued usage can cause me visual loss, I had to stop it.

What about delay oils and spray?

They worked also but the sexual sensitivity was reduced.

I wasn’t getting enough sensual feeling.

Plus, my wife complained of painful sex whenever I used it, so I had to stop it.

It was a very frustrating experience.


Sex was no longer fun for me. It now seemed like a job.

I started avoiding it because I always feared I wouldn't last long.

Not being able to satisfy my wife without depending on one thing or the other made me depressed.

My body was already a dumping ground for all kinds of drugs & herbs… and this made me feel incomplete as a man.

At a point, I concluded there was no way out for me. I had to live with this shame, and maybe lose my wife and family because of it.


One Fateful Evening, I Was In
A Boutique Buying A Shirt

Inside, I stumbled on my old friend Yomi.

We were shocked and so happy to see each other because we lost contact since we left the university.

It was a joyful evening and the beginning of my breakthrough for me.


Due to how close we were, I couldn’t hide my problems, so I told him all I was facing.

And you see, Yomi didn’t disappoint me.

Back then in the university, Yomi was the talk of the town. We guys were jealous of him because he had a lot of girls “dying” for him.

In fact, there were rumours of girls paying Yomi money just to have sex with him.

Yeah, Yomi was that good in bed.

He started by letting me know that the reason why we men achieve orgasm before women do is because we’re biologically designed to climax before them.

So, if you always cum before your woman does,

It’s 100% Not Your Fault

But when a man doesn’t have control over his ejaculation, that’s when the problem starts.

And the first step to coming out of this problem is to determine the primary source of this problem.

That’s why all the methods I’ve been trying couldn’t give a lasting solution.

So, he proceeded to lecture me on something he called… “The 4 cardinals of premature ejaculation.”

Yomi confessed that what makes him last long in bed are the kind of things he eats.

He said nature has blessed us with certain kinds of fruits and vegetables that contain aphrodisiac properties which are able to make us sex machines.

The only issue however is that many men don’t know of these fruits nor do they know how to properly combine them.

For example, a particular ingredient that makes up the makanaka sex diet is what Yomi refers to as the serotonin balancer.

And according to research, serotonin is the master chemical in your brain that controls how long you last before you finally climax.

So, he wrote me a list of ingredients that make up the Makanaka sex diet...

…and the instructions on how to prepare them.

I went to the market, got the ingredients, then prepared and started drinking the mixture as I was told to.

Now understand, these are all natural products you see every day.

After the second week, Yomi urged me to make love to my wife again.

Everything Changed!

Not only did I wowed my wife in bed that night,

My wife said something strange.

You see, after I started thrusting, I saw the look of surprise on her face when she noticed I was already lasting longer than usual.

8 minutes gone, I was still digging, and she was still moaning.

The more I dug, the louder she moaned.


15 minutes passed, and we changed positions.

I was still thrusting, was very energetic and was yet to cum.

I was feeling really good as I saw my wife bite her lips and dragged my body towards her.

The pleasure was showing all over her face.

Then all of a sudden

My wife squirted!


She squirted so hard that she was screaming, and when she was done, she looked at me in the eye and said…

"Thank You!"

It felt like I was dreaming…

My wife squirting and telling me “Thank you” after sex?

It has never happened before in the history of my marriage!

Immediately, in that moment, I knew I had won back my respect in my home.

Not only did I permanently cure my premature ejaculation, I was able to go round after round and bring out the best in my wife when it comes to sex.

I knew that what I had discovered was special.

Now Here's Something You Should Know...

According to research conducted in 2015 and published in the Highland Medical Research Journal, not being able to satisfy a woman in bed is a prevalent issue with 75% of Nigerian men!

And it’s the leading cause of stress, infidelity, marital instability and divorce among couples.

The worst part of it all is most men who are affected…

…Do Not Know Where To Turn To
To Get A Real, Lasting Solution

I had to call Yomi and ask if it was okay for us to work together and share his secrets with other men just like me and he said, “Yes.”

That is why we compiled the “Makanaka Sex Diet” report to teach you how to overcome these issues.

And since we started sharing it with other guys, the testimonies have been through the roof.

Why, you may ask.

Because, I have yet to meet the man who can resist discovering secrets like…

  • The two "peak excitation" secrets (both simple, both still unsolved by most men) of having longer-lasting orgasms! (Page ___.)
  • What women really want from men (but will never come out and tell you)! (Starts on page ___.) More specifically, this explains what she wants from you (and probably isn't getting)... and why...

The Erotic Rewards Of Correcting
This "Sexual Standoff"

Will Take Your Breath Away!

  • How to help your partner find her "G-spot" (that hyper-sensitive, anatomically disguised little pleasure point she may never discover on her own)! Page ___.
  • The thrilling "18 Hour" plan developed by sex experts to re-ignite the passion between the two of you... no matter how fatigued you've been, no matter how long you've stayed off sex! (Life-changing strategy - pages ____ - ____.)
  • Three simple tricks to quickly increase her clitoral arousal — the surest path to bringing your partner's "foreplay clock" into sync with yours! (Pages __-__.) And another damaging sex myth shattered — the experts now know that women do not need "longer" foreplay...

If You, As Her Lover, Know What You're Doing!

  • The secret spot on your body — so hidden away by nature that not one man in a thousand even knows about it — that can offer you the same shuddering waves of pleasure her "G-spot" gives her! (Page ___.)
  • Did you know women secretly masturbate? What you can learn from her masturbation secrets that will send your sex life soaring! (Including lasting longer, enjoying it more... and having mutual multiple orgasms!) See pages __-__.
  • How much do you think about sex during the day? Are you "normal"? (See page ___.)
  • The vast majority of men never figure out how to deal with their partner's PMS... and yet the "solution" is easy and well-known by therapists! (See page ___.)
  • The only cure known that restores her menopause-dulled libido! Page 103.
  • The amazing "Towel Hanging" trick that increases the strength of your erection... plus your lovemaking stamina... allowing you to supercharge your love life in a very short time! (You have to experience these kinds of "rocket-burst" orgasms to believe they're possible! See page 139.)

This amazing book has been (correctly) called the single most important source of sexual know-how for any man... especially if you are finally ready to experience a dramatic and almost immediate change in your life! 

It doesn't matter if you are a young man, or past middle age, single or married... this is scientifically proven information that will help you experience a new sexual prime you never dreamed possible. The changes you feel (when you put these secrets to use) will actually...

Boost Your Physical Presence... Desire...

And Attractiveness As A Man!

The Makanaka Sex Diet is in two parts.

Part ONE, contains aloof the secret I have outlined above and… 

Part TWO, contains the Sex Diet proper by itself.

The Makanaka Sex Diet is a specific blend of fruits that work by acting on certain hormones in charge of ejaculation in your body. When these hormones are out of balance, your performance becomes weak. 

What the Makanaka Sex Diet does is help you balance them.It does three things for you:

⇒ Helps you permanently cure premature ejaculation to increase your lasting time and power.

⇒ Gives you stronger, thicker, and HARD ROCK erections.

⇒ Improves your libido and increases your drive for sex.

You see... 

The amazing thing about this diet is that you can easily get the ingredients from around you.

And once you know how to prepare them in the right proportion (which you’ll discover in this book…And you start taking them for just a few days...

The almost instantaneous results will amaze you.

With each thrust...

She moans louder, urges you on, and pleads for more… pulling you closer, curling her toes, wrapping her legs around your waist... raising her waist to meet you halfway... calling your name ever so sweetly, as she says, “Please don’t stop f*cking me, I am all yours,”

She grabs your ass, you keep thrusting. It has never felt this good, and suddenly... you realize you’re lasting longer than usual in the first round

10 minutes...

15 minutes...

25 minutes...

You’re still thrusting... she’s still moaning, and you don’t feel like releasing yet...

Each thrust is harder and more pleasurable than the last...

You’ve never felt more in control.

You’ve got your pride back.

Now, at last, you can confidently have sex without having to depend on anything.

But don't believe me yet.

Here are live testimonies from hundreds of people just like you who have gotten the Makanaka Sex Diet document.

Testimonial #1

Testimonial #2

Testimonial #3

Testimonial #4

Testimonial #5

Testimonial #6

Testimonial #7

And so many more we will provide if you ask for it.

But That's Not All...

I also have 3 very special bonuses for you.. but only if you purchase your copy of the Makanaka Sex Diet today.

These bonuses will give you the "expert level" advantage that will multiply the effectiveness of the sexual skills you learn in the book I'm sending.

Bonus #1: Leg Shaking Orgasms

In this powerful sexual guide, you’ll discover deep-rooted tricks like

  • 1
    How to use “orgasm awakening” words to make her cum before you do 
  • 2
    How to locate and stimulate a lady’s G-spot to give her a trance-inducing orgasm 
  • 3
    How to make a woman deeply wet by the mere touch of your hands 
  • 4
    The three parts of her body you can touch to create an electric shock in any woman’s brain during sex 

And many other sexual tricks only a few privileged men know.

Bonus #2: Electrifying Sex Secrets

In this powerful sexual guide, you’ll discover deep-rooted tricks like

  • 1
    How to make a woman anticipate sex with you (Use this simple psychological trick on any woman and she won’t rest until she finds herself in bed with you.
  • 2
    The 12 sexual positions for soul-penetrating sex (Just put her in one of these positions and she will confess your penis is the best she has ever tasted) 
  • 3
    How to use the words of your mouth and the rod between your legs to give a woman mind-blowing sex (If you play this game right, ladies will crawl over glass to spend the night with you)

I am adding both of them here, for free, without any extra charge because feedback from men of all ages shows knowing these secrets are an actual scientific shortcut to restoring your pleasure, performance, and stamina back (almost) to teenage levels! 

Both gifts are yours to keep, FREE of CHARGE, just for checking out the Makanaka Sex Diet ...but you must reply immediately!

Now Look...

When you consider the fact that all of the info inside the Makanaka Sex Diet, the Leg Shaking Orgasms and the Electrifying Sex Secrets reports have taken years to gather, test and put together... you will agree with me that if we’re to set a fair price for this, It shouldn’t be anything less than ₦30,000.

At that price, it’s would still be a great discount.

After all, I am certain you might already have spent more than that on drugs, herbs, and concoctions that couldn’t solve your problem. 

However, I want you to have them and I do not want price to be an obstacle.

This is why if you make the decision to get them today, I’ll allow you pay just ₦15,000 only for all of them.

But you have to ACT NOW because you may come back here tomorrow and find that the price have increased. And once we increase the price, we will also be taking away the two free bonuses also because we plan to sell them separately as different products.

Are you willing to take the risk of leaving it till later and finding out the price has increased, and the bonuses are no longer available?

So, you really want to get it at a very affordable price or risk paying double if you don’t get it right now.

And before you proceed to pay, I want you to understand that. . .

You Have Nothing to Lose

And that's because you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee

My Guarantee to you is. . . Take 21 days. Use all the diet I have outlined in the Makanaka Sex Diet and begin to use the sex secrets outlined inside it and inside the free bonuses. 

After 21 days, you decide that the diet brought no changes to your sexual life. . .

If you swear that the sex secrets do not have your woman purring like a satisfied cat. . .

If, for any reason (or for no reason at all), you decide this book doesn't meet your exact needs…

Just ask for a full refund (by sending me a message on WhatsApp on this number: 09064429764) telling me so.

Once I get it, I will immediately send you your money back. No questions asked. No hard feelings. I will respect your decision. And no matter what you decide… you still get to keep the Makanaka Sex Diet guide and the two free bonuses with you forever.

Everything Is Now In Your Hands

You can remain a one-minute man and keep wasting your money on herbs, supplements, bitters and drugs that don’t work and which over time, will even make your condition worse. . .

Or you can get the Makanaka Sex Diet here right now, and solve your problem one time, permanently.

So, what is it going to be?

Are you going to leave this page disregarding everything I have explained to you here?

Are you really going to forget I am offering you a lasting solution, something that will cure your premature ejaculation?

If your answer is yes, it means you’re satisfied with being less than a man. You’re okay with the fear and anxiety that overwhelms you anytime you want to have sex.

And you are okay with another man bonking your wife or girl, and have her moaning and shaking under him, in his bed?

Because one thing I am sure of is this…  a lady cannot endure a man who does not satisfy her sexually for long.

No matter how innocent or how religious she might look, after some time, she will look elsewhere to satisfy her desires (that’s even if she has not started cheating already).

It’s how they are built. 

But if you get the Makanaka Sex Diet, the story will be in your favour. Your woman will respect you again. And you will own her mind, body and soul, once more.

I am waiting for your own testimonial. It starts with you getting the Makanaka Sex Diet.

I’ll be waiting for you on the other side. 

Yours sincerely,

Oluwole Femi

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